Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Kitty in the Tree is Me!

It amazes me all the wonder I feel about so many things; the questions it brings, the dreams I so thoroughly remember and the feelings I awake with.

We, PEOPLE, have planes FLYING!! We have people IN SPACE, we have cars that take us across across the country- I don't know why it amazes me so much- at 42 I am a bit used to seeing all of this- have for all my life...but it's simply amazing to me.

I sometimes think that it's from growing up where the Amish have such a large community (In NE Ohio)- I mean, their travel takes SO long- through the weather & seasonal if it's long going...true Amish use buggies, travel in good months & have written letters to plan a trip, stopping & staying with family along their route- it's not a simple thing and takes a lot of planning... oO(I hear things, people talk...)Oo

It's just as amazing to me to see a hawk glide through the sky, carefree, sun glinting off his wings, SWOOSH!! Seeming not to have a care in the world but the free feeling of God taking care of him oO(I read something like this somewhere just recently...hmmm...)Oo

My kittens that climb my Persimmon tree, prickly & covered in thorns the branches are, but the kittens care not...nor do they care about the height & have no issues getting down, not that the tree is very high but still- when did people start calling the firemen to get cats out of trees...and why??? Kinda funny isn't it?

The dreams I talk about, those 'epic Hollywood blockbusters'?? Oh if you all knew; sometimes I will awaken in the middle of the night or early morning when Johnny is home & describe to him in such detail- he believes we would be rich if I sold my dream-stories; they are so unbelievably filled with mystery, devotion and charged with such energy; and always a storyline of which I (we) have no comparison is a shame I do not record my descriptions of them, really it is.

The Bible speaks of 'childlike faith' and I believe that I carry this like others carry a briefcase or hardhat. Maybe like some carry their Bible; it just IS and I just HAVE it always...there is absolutely NO question in my 'belief system' whatsoever & I feel for those who don't get it and am confused by those who can comprehend SO much else, memorize scripture, hunger for the word of God but can not grasp 'faith' as such...

Is faith not that belief that God sent his son??

Do you HAVE to see the plane in the air, the bird soar, the engine under the hood, the axle turning the wheel or the cat climb DOWN the tree to believe it's possible?? How come it is so easy to believe what Sally said to Jimmy's brother Susan 3 days ago about your brother Tim but the Bible is so easily put aside by so many who proclaim to believe The Word of God?

Ehhh, I believe IN God, I believe IN the Son of God & I believe the Holy Spirit lives IN me...but the Lord sent HIS WORD as a tangible source of reference for believers as well as non-believers...maybe more-so the latter!! What a neat thought, right?? Intriguing even!

Seriously, it amazes me the things that people CHOOSE to believe that is nonsense; the things our society stuffs down our throats as we grow and learn ALL the truths we come to where DOES faith fit in?? What DO you believe?? Do you call the firemen? You don't need to, ya'know?? That cat got up there, on his good time, he will come down...not sure WHEN??

I'll tell you what- people call that fireman to get the cat out of tree because it's what works for THEM, on THEIR time... That cat will come down in all GOOD time, when it is SAFE...

WOW, a revelation right?? Laughing?? I hope so :) Somehow, someone saw someone else call the fireman & it worked, so now others do it...go back to the 'society...' Along the way, someone lost faith in that cat to KNOW how to get down...when did that happen and how ludicrous does that sound written in story form, right??? Hahaha, I am laughing reading it myself because I can't TELL you how many times I have seen people trying to 'save the kitty' LOL

Wouldn't it be great to be that kitty?? To BE able to KNOW when it is safe to get back down when we have gotten away from danger or felt threatened??

Well, some call it Gods Whisper; it's the Holy Spirit that gives you that feeling- in your gut even :) Some people call it an intuition but I believe it's our direct line to the Lord & Savior. A few years back I read something that has stayed with me- while we are forming in our mothers womb, that every cell splits; including the cell that creates our brains...but most people do not realize that the other side of that cell is our digestive creates the longest nerve from our stomach to our brain as well...for those of you who spend a lot of time IN The Bible- you are privy to the many references of the term 'gut' and 'belly' comments. Feel free to leave those scripture addresses in the comments section!

See, when we accept Jesus Christ as our personal Lord & Savior; if we listen, we can learn to get back down the tree- we can watch other kittens, or better, those 'seasoned' felines & Toms :)) Once we begin to run 'with the big cats' we acquire similar cat-ish skills, so-to-say! Some people have heard & for others this may be the 1st time they have read that we 'become' like those we spend the most time not exclude ANYONE- look at the children in your life- the adults- write down the FIVE people you spend the MOST time with...are you becoming like them- picking up their language, their movie/TV show preference, their reasoning skills, eating habits, ya'lls kids spending time together...who is rubbing off on who??? When the going gets tough, do you want to be up in the tree with these people, will everyone be able to get down on their own?? Are you going to be a good example if they are watching; are they going to follow your lead...WHO are you listening to as you attempt your decline...???

There are many things I have learned in life- many of them have been how NOT to do MANY things; God has kept his hand on me & mine & favored us in ways I personally do not feel deserving of but HE chose to nonetheless and I do not question why but constantly attempt to be grateful for the ability to utilize my Free Will and sometimes feel obligated to pick up the slack I left lay here & there. Notice I said 'sometimes'. I am far from perfect and have lived the life of a hypocrite which has kept me from voicing MANY thoughts- and for as opinionated as I am, believe me, its HARD as I have experienced much more than anyone should but praise God He has used and utilized EVERY experience in SUCH good ways it takes my breath away at times!! He gave me a big mouth, a bold spirit and a fresh sense of humor and He is still training me up on how to use it to the best of HIS abilities but in the meantime, I will try this forum.

I do not mean to step on anyone's toes or hurt anyone's feelings but honestly, that happens. Toes get stepped on in life AND it hurts...please know that I have always felt personally attacked when someone is writing something and I take it personal...but I don't know YOU, whomever you are reading this, so it can't be about YOU- if it WAS, you would already have an email from me...LOL So lighten up. If something makes you uneasy, question yourself, your family, your friends, your environment, your surroundings- maybe it irritates you, maybe it causes something in your life to glow neon green, or orange or purple... It happens to me too...the question should be, can you get down without the fireman yet?? If the people in your life are not those that you can learn to get down with, I dare suggest you change your realm; hard to do, yes?

Best place to start? Well, I have a few blogs I follow that will lift your heart & you can follow their lead!!

Thanks for playin' :)

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