Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Something You Wouldn't Expect!

I'm a fanatic about certain pages on Facebook. No, really :). Hard to believe I like FB I know. But these pages especially have my full attention- no laughing now ;)
Frugal Living
Raising Chickens
Proverbs 31 Woman
and multiple other pages of exhibiting probably get an idea of a desire I have you weren't keenly aware I had.
No biggy...you know now lol
Anyhow, on the Frugal Living page (of which is ran by the same person running one of the bartering pages), a topic was brought up and I thought I should blog it just to have record of my own words... Since I utility my FB to share, in depth, my thoughts from time to time- most times received rather well- although not always HAAA! I felt I was doing my own blog a disservice not documenting what I feel passionate about when I feel 'removed' and the words come from deep within which I know is my spirit of connection with all I believe in through my faith and through what my own life experiences and those of others have grasped onto.
May they touch your heart or, at the least,give you something to mull over...
We have become an enabled ppl... We rely on government of which responsibility IS NOT theirs... At  some point we stopped becoming self-reliant... And sadly, much of that point began when 2nd cars were desired to provide transportation for the 2nd income WHICH was needed for items purchased at stores instead of made/created in the home which is turn eliminated quality time between family members teaching homesteading skills... The 2nd job paid for transportation costs, more square footage ie individual bedrooms set up w/ personal TVs even more alienating family members one from the other. 2nd incomes pays for daycare...no more sibling responsibility much means more freedom & less accountability for youth at younger ages... Public schools have become the essence of the Pink Floyd movement- press stamping out millions believing only what the GOVERNMENT run public schools want our children to believe. Personally I believe God has a much larger purpose for us aside from algebra :). It is to put forth hard work & efforts to maintain the ideals behind love, empathy and charity of FAVORS that our OWN HANDS can GIVE...thus making it a humbling experience for both the giver & the receives. My grandparents do not recall ppl who were LAZY...if you wanted to eat in the winter months & have warm clothes then you minded to be busy as needed. Having come from NE Ohio I've spoken intimately to parents in the Amish communities & even they attest to the changes in their sects... The girls going to further their education & not learning the traditional ways to care for her family- frugal ways of simple gardening & food storage, cooking, tailoring, the efforts of bonding with children by specific times dedicated to their families. Simply put, raising our families are our number one concern. They don't NEED separate rooms or a boat for summer. They don't NEED a yearly summer vacation or a TV in their room or video games on hand.  They need TIME...not that time alone in their cave-room, not time during the months the boat can be used & not the time during vacation.  We need to use our LIMITED family time to QUALITY TIME every moment we can training them to be self-reliant... You say encouraging them to be independent, get grades, giving them space and paying for them to have an education is ALL they need?? That all is reliant on an ECONOMY THAT WORKS my friends...  Don't allow the world to train up yr child. Don't allow the American Dream to deter yr true nature to skip the essentials of teaching your family to TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES AND ONE ANOTHER COME HELL OR HIGH WATER. We have given up traditional family values for the almighty dollar, more of so much of everything else except time with those we SAY we do it for. TAKE BACK what is yours...reject what is called socially acceptable because you deserve it... Time is short... To young parents- you have an 18yr limit MAYBE with the gifts you are blessed with... You don't get a do-over. There is no restart button. Be mindful that your example will overflow into how your grandchildren WILL in part, be treated. Take heed the importance of beginning a new path aside from what we know...because what we know, its just not working...let's get back to the basics- they have worked for much longer than we can begin to image...