Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dream Control

""Not sure if others fall back to their previous dreams from waking but I usually find myself recalling those dreams...funny I give no thought to them all day!""

I've never edited a Blog post so not sure if it changes the date but we will see. I actually blogged this post 24hrs ago, almost to the minute- will make this short & sweet because I think the post is confusing- surprising, right? LOL

When I get comfortable & know I am close to falling asleep, my mind automatically 'reverts' to the dream-state info-processing I was last at- meaning, whatever I was dreaming about when I awoke that prior morning (or nap-time)...its SO automatic that I sometimes have to chuckle as I sometimes spend much time attempting to recall a dream or write about it & even when I am telling Johnny about it when I first wake up- the longer I am awake, the more of the dream I 'loose'...but by golly, as I am falling asleep again, there it IS- it can really tick me off HAHA

I always wondered if others were able to dictate what they dreamed about- and I have tested myself by keeping a journal when I was younger- to 'command' what I would dream about & fall asleep thinking about it specifically & wake up chock-full of wondrous dreams of adventure much like the Alice in Wonderland & The Looking Glass books dictate. If you have never read 'Ms. Osbourne the Mop', I suggest it...my dreams were very much like this & many times when fantasy related, still are. A fun read with an 8yr old...or immature 12yr old ;) So yeah, I can control most aspects of my dreams.

When I was younger I would crawl to the top of my canopy bed & lay sideways along the headboard, afraid that what was under the bed could reach around to grab me- then I would pretend I was hiding on a boat set to sea & when I woke up I would be 'about 25' lol Seemed to 'be' the age when I was about 11 to 'want to be'...

So, can YOU control YOUR dreams to ANY extent? I will probably ask this again down the road when I have more followers... As I told Johnny today, I am sure others can do it- I have not met anyone though and MAYBE it's just something I taught myself to do at a young age...

It's a pretty awesome thing...now, if I can just get some SLEEP, enough of all this REM ;)