Thursday, August 6, 2009

Facebook Has Been Warned...

So, I just posted my Blog account on Facebook...that took some guts. Over 200 people having access to my thoughts, if they so choose. Thats a BIG 'if' I am sure. I made this page kinda interactive & apart from FB, I needed something more personal- if not for any other reason than for me...if anyone ends up offended I apologize. I will always keep personal stuffs & names off the page during trials and tribulations but that doesn't mean I will keep my thoughts about strife, grudge holding or being mean-spirited when it arises in my life from the 'front page'...I have done well learning to give things to God & thus, do not spend time dwelling on that which steals my joy...or I try not to anyhow...I get better the older I get. This must be Wisdom setting in. WOW- it's happening...I am officially 'Getting Old' :) It comes with grandbabies so I will not complain!!

Praise God for the freedom for me to write what I want & to give the glory where it is deserved!

Thank you to YOU for coming here- even if out of curiosity!
Don't forget to mark your territory ;)
Thanks for playin' :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Well I haven't blogged anything and keep waiting for the time and something profound but I never find time and I never seem to KNOW when it's profound 'enough' to share and I have decided I need to just start somewhere HAHA

I had this dream this morning...between 4-9am I was going through purses and satchels' that were available to trade. I can remember that it was a Mary Kay event or get-together with Mary Kay Sisters in general although I do not remember anyone in particular. I had two different piles to go through- some were used and another area where new ones ones being that they were not used, but had been bought and not worked out. I am FOREVER searching for 'the perfect' purse to lug my personal items, just the right samples, a book, recruitment info & of course Splenda, BeanO, glasses to see near & far...sunglasses...geesh... Did I mention THE perfect purse??

Well one of the purses had thick thread in it with a bunch of what seemed to be furry ribbon/REALLY thick thread. I have a "How to" manual as I have wanted to teach myself to do embroidery work. My grandmother does it and as other women in the family have picked up knitting & crocheting, painting and other crafty hands-on ways like grams I have always been drawn to the pillowcases & other items she has done throughout the years for all of us...

I forgot about my dream until about an hour which time I thought- Hey...I need to just BLOG about that! So here I am. I don't know why so maybe we can figure it out together down the road :) I have been praying for some peaceful time where the phone isn't asking to look at Facebook and I FEEL at peace SITTING accomplishing something while enjoying watching my husband mow the back field or watch golf that I am not really interested in but just want to sit with him & tuck my feet up under his leg haha, but I normally find myself unable to concentrate on reading & back in front of the computer...which just ABSORBS me and my time.

When I go into the store next, even if it IS the evil Walmart, I am going to pick up something short & simple to start with...and will see where it goes. Better pick up some old lady glasses too...soon I will be like the man in my life & have a pair here & there ;)

No I do not know what the purses were about...once I found the embroidery thread I was lost in that but I seemed to spend a LOT of time looking through them.

Maybe it's that I spend so much time doing ONE thing and do not seem to come up with an 'end' running in place- even though I truly AM looking for a TRUE handbag- it eludes me because I REALLY do not put the TIME it takes into actually LOCATING & FINDING the bag... Nor do I seem to put what is needed into doing anything...I flitter here & there never landing. I going somewhere with this? I have this anxiety of security and it keeps me from allowing myself to SETTLE. Justified or not... I have been like this, with reason, my whole life it seems and I want to LAND and RELAX... Maybe I need to let some things go to do that- and maybe I don't need a purse to fill and all I need is to start weaving/creating/embroidering because to DO that, I must STOP and concentrate and RELAX...

I have no hobbies, no personal interests...the baby belongs to my son & Jessica and now that the era, A NEW SEASON has is time to slide into it here I go!!

Thanks for listening- feel free to comment!