Thursday, August 6, 2009

Facebook Has Been Warned...

So, I just posted my Blog account on Facebook...that took some guts. Over 200 people having access to my thoughts, if they so choose. Thats a BIG 'if' I am sure. I made this page kinda interactive & apart from FB, I needed something more personal- if not for any other reason than for me...if anyone ends up offended I apologize. I will always keep personal stuffs & names off the page during trials and tribulations but that doesn't mean I will keep my thoughts about strife, grudge holding or being mean-spirited when it arises in my life from the 'front page'...I have done well learning to give things to God & thus, do not spend time dwelling on that which steals my joy...or I try not to anyhow...I get better the older I get. This must be Wisdom setting in. WOW- it's happening...I am officially 'Getting Old' :) It comes with grandbabies so I will not complain!!

Praise God for the freedom for me to write what I want & to give the glory where it is deserved!

Thank you to YOU for coming here- even if out of curiosity!
Don't forget to mark your territory ;)
Thanks for playin' :)

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