Sunday, November 2, 2014

Brittany Maynard's "RIGHT" to Die; The Body is JUST a Carcass for the Soul.

For those of you who believe there is dignity in awaiting the inevitable death that comes associated with unimaginable & unbearable pain of which is associated with a debilitating & crippling disease where your life is deemed terminal and of which brings on more than the 'atypical' issues of being bedridden with or without the outcome of aging, let me say to you, HOW MANY BED-SIDES HAVE YOU STOOD BY DAY AFTER DAY OBSERVING THE ONE YOU LOVE BE TORTURED BY THEIR BODY OF WHICH THEY HAVE LOST ALL CONTROL?

If our body is only a carcass for our soul then knowing we are accountable to a God who knows our hearts desires and of whose heart we seeked out with all our mind, body and soul, then does it not make it perfectly acceptable that, in the inevitable 'end' that at the point of less than zero quality and quantity of life where our vessel has taken us more than likely father than even we believed we were to go, that we be able to have made the choice to die with the dignity we prayfully lived with if only that dignity be the plan of when enough had been more than enough?

As a child of God, although G-D does not change, I can not believe He would deny His child based on their 'date of exit' being they lived their LIFE abiding in Him. Personally I find it more blasphemous to pick the date of birth one has a child out of convenience instead of allowing a womans body to process the birth naturally.

Morals are guidelines we each process differently from region to region, country to country... Right & Wrong to reach of us can be aligned with less gray area based on social rules and etiquette associated with the era of which we live and the 'status' of those we frequently socialize with... our circles of companionship if you may.

And lastly, our examples and personal experiences aligned with those of whom we richly value as mentors and align ourselves with, thus absorbing their history of shared examples and experiences to create our own "Truth" and from that, we each live by a somewhat skewed truth OF OUR OWN which is individually or own like our personalities, mannerisms and characteristics!

To judge someone with 'Thou Shall Not Kill' and say that includes ourselves WELLLLL, what about killing death row inmates? Now you say, 'An eye for an eye'? I call BS and up the ante to the New Testament and Christ on the Cross.

I say if the vessel has carried one to a place where the soul is at peace that is peaceful and the choice was made while emotionally intact that it is enlightening and more than likely empowering to know the last of your last days are purposely lived and lived in dignity and that God awaits, arms open and not judging... We, who call ourselves His, seem to be judgemental enough. (Do not confuse that with holding one another accountable ya'll! ;) )

"Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If more people all over the world would do this, the world would change."
Brittany Maynard
Death with Dignity
Compassion and Choices

May God be with her family & friends.

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