Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Birthday Recommendations for Bethanne!!

"Bethanne has been a wonderful mentor. Her motivation techniques & dedication for what is best for you as an individual has no limitations. She is a strong supporter of doing what is best for long term fulfillment, not cutting corners for short term gain. She will encourage you to create stepping stones so you may grow as a person & build solid bridges along the way.

Bethanne sticks to her word, is loyal and does not allow herself to become biased in guiding & nurturing you on your path... It is rare to find someone so unselfish among those we call family and friends- I truly believe Bethanne's wishes, hopes & dreams for you & I are what is best for US, not what is best for her association with us!

Possibly most important, Bethanne allows her faith to shine & will lovingly share what sustains her with everyone who crosses her path, so that it may sustain them in their time of need & gratefulness as well.

Bethanne is 'the real deal' and she will be there when you need her; and, if she isn't available, she will share your weight with you and together, help you work through whatever issue you have...she will not forget about you & leave you to deal with your struggle alone. She will not play nursemaid, she WILL help you network, brainstorm & hold your hand. 'Wisdom' should be her middle name!

I consider myself blessed to have Bethanne in my life; her dedication & loyalty is that which we all should desire to posses. This is true in all aspects of her life- her hope in Jesus Christ, her allegiance to her family, her appreciation for her fellow Mary Kay colleagues as well as her motivation & patience in those she has for her team & her true love of the aforementioned & clientele, those she met 30 years ago as well as those she will meet tomorrow!

Bethanne IS the best of the best!!! She is a constant, never-give-up, totally head-over-heels pumped-up & ready-to-go excited to-be-alive kinda' gal...and I love her...and you will too!!

I nominate Bethanne Drewery for GO-GIVE!"

Michelet Carsrud
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